Advanced Alternative Lending (AAL) is a sister company of the better known Mortgage Brokers Ottawa / Mortgage Brokers City Inc. (MBC). MBC is one of Canada’s largest and most successful mortgage brokerage teams and is number one in volume with a number of Canada’s largest banks. Annually, MBC funds nearly one billion dollars in mortgage financing. Because of this significant volume, Advanced Alternative Lending is presented with a number of quality mortgage investment opportunities.

Advanced Alternative Lending offers investors the opportunity to invest in high quality mortgages that offer attractive rates of return. AAL has four Managing Partners that collectively have over 100 years in financial services and real estate investing. AAL has assembled a team of mortgage professionals that have specialized skills in the area of private lending and are capable of helping you navigate the waters of real estate secured lending.

It is our mandate to only recommend mortgage investments tailored to your investment objectives which include experience, time frame and risk level. These investments are also RSP eligible and fully administered by our team of mortgage professionals.

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